Weekly Classes

At our weekly classes we sing our songs live accompanied by live guitar.

Our fun music leaders bring the songs to life and guarantee a fun time

We would love you to come and sing with us and see what fun you can have when you sing along to the songs

Hope to see you soon!


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The music is live. There are 2 or 3 music leaders inspiring you to sing and enjoy yourself. This also means that we can usually offer an extra pair of hands or a spare knee if needed. We’re relaxed and able to improvise with the children and there is definitely not a right or wrong way to sing the songs.

When we sing the songs, we have fun with the children. We sit down and stand up and move around. We’re never still for long. Children can sit down or jump up and down as and when they please. The only thing we try to avoid is a race track 🙂 Half way through we get out the percussion instruments – and there are plenty of them – so that children can play with as many as they want to.

We try to keep the rooms we work in as empty as possible. Over the years, we’ve discovered that by singing our songs live, with a giggle and a tickle and using your imagination and enthusiasm, children naturally want to join in. They are free to follow the actions and movements, using their own interpretations and without restriction.

Other than the puppet songs at the end, and occasionally using some lycra, we keep any additional props to a minimum to encourage singing and movement and developing children’s imagination without distractions.

If you haven’t been before, we would love to see you and if you have been then it’s great that you continue to come and we hope you have a good time.
Our aim is for you to enjoy yourself as well as or sometimes even more than the children!

 “We believe that if you’re having fun, your child is having fun and if your child is having fun then hopefully so are you” Hope to see you soon 🙂


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