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Hello I’m a mole   Shake Rattle and Sing
Ten Tiny Fingers Dance Baby Sing
 A Wise Old Owl Shake Rattle and Sing
A Tiny Seed  Hip Hop Happy
 What’s the Time?  Hip Hop Happy
 Monday’s Child Dance Baby Sing
 Mousey Brown Shake Rattle and Sing
Dry your Tears Dance Baby Sing
Rain on the Green Grass Dance Baby Sing
Diddly Diddly Dandy O Dance Baby Sing
 Lavender’s Blue Dance Baby Sing
Rock a Bye  Baby Dance Baby Sing
 Evening Song Dance Baby Sing
Hide and Peep  Hip Hop Happy
 Spell for Sleeping Dance Baby Sing
I See the Moon Dance Baby Sing
 Take my Hand Dance Baby Sing
All the Pretty Horses Shake Rattle and Sing
Counting Sheep  Hip Hop Happy
 Soualle  Hip Hop Happy
Web of Dreams  Hip Hop Happy


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