Hip Hop Happy – songs for children on CD Baby

Happy songs for Happy Children

A fun and original CD for babies and preschool children and their families Traditional and new songs that are catchy and quick to learn.

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40 Tracks. Length 64 minutes with warm up songs, finger rhymes and story songs.

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Download our CD. Get off that sofa and dance around the room with the children feeling ‘hip hop happy!’

Have a listen to a sample of ‘In the Pink’

A great family CD for the house, car, anywhere. Includes our Piccolo favourite, Sing with me – I’m singing because I’m happy and ‘In the Pink’. Then after all that fun, snuggle up and drift away in our lullaby ‘web of dreams’.

Track Listing

1.  Piccolo Hello Song
2. Sing with Me
3. In the Pink
4. I’ve found a Little Rockpool
5. Eight Hairy Legs
6. Five Little Firemen
7. How Many Legs?
8. Wishy washy
9. Hide and Peep
10. Un Petit Pousse
11. The Frog Song
12. I Travelled over Land and Sea
13. Why do Bees make Honey?
14. Can you Fly a Plane?
15. Old King Cole
16. What Makes Ten?
17. Going to the Seaside
18. Snap Roar Hiss!
19. My Mummy is a Baker
20. Riggedy Jig
21. Head Full of Numbers
22. Jelly on a Plate
23. We can Play our Drums
24. When I was One
25. Walking Through the Jungle
26. Little Red Riding Hood
27. Two Fat Gentlemen
28. Five Fingers
29. Whose Pigs are These?
30. Down in the Jungle
31. 1-2 How Do You Do?
32. Are We Nearly There yet?
33. The Big Ship Sailed
34. Plod Plod Plod
35. A Tiny Seed
36. What’s the Time?
37. Counting Sheep
38. Soualle
39. Web of Dreams
40. Piccolo Goodbye Song

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