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Download our most popular CD for new parents. Traditional and new songs that are catchy and fun.

51 Tracks. Length 62 minutes with sleepy cuddly songs at the end.

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This is no longer available as a CD.



Sample song Ten Tiny Fingers

Abi wrote “Ten Tiny Fingers’ when her son was in hospital.

A fun CD for babies with original and award winning songs.

This is our bestseller and adults say that they love to sing along to the songs with their babies. Great throughout the day and to calm your little baby through the night.

Mother and Baby Finalist 2009 in Best Toy Category (6 to 12 months). The last 10 songs are lullabies for sleepy time and snuggling up.

Track Listing

1. Hello Song
2. Dance Baby
3. When I Get up in the Morning
4. 1 2 3 Whee!
5. Can you Ride a Horsie?
6. Hey Diddle Diddle
7. Six Little Frogs
8. Alfie go Round the Sun
9. Here is a Church
10. I’m a Caterpillar
11. Diddle Diddle Dumpling
12. A Little Crab
13. Bounce 2 3 4
14. Jack be Nimble
15. Pussycat Pussycat
16. I can Say Hello
17. Walk Along Josie
18. Bubbles
19. Cobbler Cobbler
20. Round about There
21. Can you Touch your Nose?
22. I can be a Cat
23. Rabbit on a Hill
24. Wee Willie Winkie
25. Look at Me
26. Five Little Peas
27. Pat a Cake
28. Eat Up!
29. A Sailor went to Sea
30. Wiggles
31. Ten Little Men
32. Incey Wincey
33. Wind the Bobbin
34. Cock-a-doodle-doo!
35. Grandma’s Spectacles
36. My Bonnie
37. Slowly Slowly
38. Getting Dressed
39. Monday’s Child
40. Ten Tiny Fingers
41. Dry Your tears
42. Rain on the Green Grass
43. Diddly Diddly Dandy-oh
44. Lavender’s Blue
45. Rock a Bye Baby
46. Evening Song
47. Italian Lullabye
48. Spell for Sleeping
49. I See the Moon
50. Take my Hand
51. Goodbye Song