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Download our Fun Songs for families with children aged up to 6 years old.

14 tracks. 30 minutes long.

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Get ready to “Boogle Oogle’

Fabulously Fun singing for Families. Make shapes with your fingers and learn to sing in a round. Think of new places to travel on our Clickety Clack train. Blow raspberries and learn your left from your right.

UK Pre school GOLD AWARD winner 2010. It’s a must!

Testers said ” Lovely catchy fun songs the whole way through…stimulated and excited the children.”

Track Listing

1. Hello Song
2. Boogle Oogle
3. Left Left, Right Right
4. Clickety Clack
5. Fish and Chips
6. Five Fingers
7. Who can Stamp?
8. I like Bananas
9. The Raspberry Song
10. Reach Up High
11. Making Shapes
12. Sleepy Little Benjamin
13. Good News
14. Goodbye Song

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