Teachers and Early Years Practitioners Training

Delivering Music Musically©dancing piccolo big

These twilight workshops will help you to:

  1. Improve delivery of music and song in Early Years and KS1
  2. Gain confidence in using music and song in the classroom
  3. Develop more interactive and inclusive methods to deliver the wider curriculum

 Please read on to find out more and contact us for prices (from £155) and any further questions!

What do we do?

Our Continued Professional Development workshops are original, interactive and energetic. Using our award-winning songs we explore different methods of delivery of the musical concepts of pitch, dynamics, tempo and beat. We delve into different ways in which you can support the delivery of the wider Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 curriculums via the use of music and song in the classroom. Our dynamic sessions will ensure that you learn and develop your skills within the workshops, allowing you to implement new techniques into your classroom quickly and easily.

How do we do it?

At Piccolomusic we are a small team of enthusiastic, professional music leaders with the experience and ability to empower teachers to teach and use music and song as a part of their daily routine. We use our own award-winning songs within all three of our CPD packages which range from full day to twilight packages to suit your needs and budget.


The National Plan for Music Education emphasizes the huge impact musical education can have on a child’s future – academically, socially and emotionally. By introducing the fundamentals of music and song during these impressionable years, we are setting the foundations for future learning. In order to be able to fulfil this, teachers need the confidence and skill to be able to deliver music musically and integrate music into day-to-day teaching and learning. In doing so, evidence demonstrates that you are providing inclusive learning opportunities which in turn positively influence school performance and pupil behavior. With Piccolomusic we guarantee you will gain confidence and skills whilst having great fun!

Bringing the benefits of live and interactive music into your classroom

By choosing to develop your skills with Piccolomusic, you will benefit from the following features and more!

Skilled and Experienced Music Leaders

Owner of Piccolomusic, Abi Cotton, boasts over 12 years’ experience delivering workshops into schools and has long been endorsed by local Music Services. She has even greater experience delivering public music sessions and CPD & has surrounded herself with a close team of equally skilled and passionate music leaders who deliver each and every workshop with the same enthusiasm and expression.

Content which spans the curriculum

Our content has an emphasis on supporting the wider curriculum and teachers & schools benefit from the reinforcement Piccolomusic’s approaches give to the delivery of core numeracy, language and literacy concepts. We help you to develop techniques and skills which ensure that your lessons remain engaging and interactive whilst supporting the development of your pupils’ communication, confidence, co-ordination and physical expression.

Applied teaching and learning

At Piccolomusic we understand that for teaching staff, time is a major challenge. That’s why our workshops are interactive and dynamic, giving you the opportunity to try out new techniques in a safe environment. Attendees are encouraged to take part, learn songs and practice new techniques thus increasing their confidence & leaving them ready to confidently implement their new skills in the classroom.

Extension opportunities

You can further consolidate your learning through our “Six weeks of Sing Yourself Happy©” workshops, delivered in the classroom by two of our Music Leaders. These packages give you the opportunity to “try it out” with the support & mentoring of our friendly Piccolo team. What’s more, these sessions come with course overviews, weekly lesson overviews and even extension cards to help you develop the activities. Not forgetting our wonderful songs to sing along with in your classroom!