Professional Training

Who is the training for?

  1. Teachers and Early Years Practitioners

  2. Tailor-Made Training Workshops

What will you do?

Abi’s fun and informal approach aims to make music more accessible. During a workshop, you will learn some new award winning songs and also some songs to familiar tunes.

Abi is keen to show how you can bring back to life a song that you have been using for years by considering different ways to sing that song. Can it be sung as a hand rhyme, a knee bouncer, a ring game, a clapping game, a partner game? Can the tune be used and words changed to create a new activity?

You’ll be stamping around the room to feel the beat, learning simple ways to teach rhythm and basic musical terms such as pitch, dynamics and tempo. And most of all you’ll find that Abi’s sense of fun is infectious and you will be keen to get back into your setting and try out some new ideas.


“Abi has delivered some fantastic training sessions for our franchisees over the last couple of years at our annual franchisee meeting. The bespoke training sessions are very educational but also a great deal of fun and we are looking forward to welcoming Abi back again for our next meeting. Very easy to work with, lots of Early Years’ experience and very much an ‘ideas’ person, Abi is as an absolute pleasure to work with”.

Claire Bennett, Managing Director, Music Bugs Ltd.

How much does it cost?

  • Prices depend on length of workshop, number of delegates and location and start from £155.
  • Please email us giving an outline of what you’re looking for and we’ll get back to you to discuss more