How did we get here?

Piccolo's walkHow did we get here? I know the feeling well myself, of wanting to join in but not having enough confidence to do so. I wanted to enjoy my toddler’s company not just watch her play while I tried to make robotic conversation. I wanted to be a part of a group, get some of that long sought after community spirit. This is why I set up Piccolo with the help of Anna and even more so why I continue it today.

When we started in 2000, there was no internet and no other baby and toddler classes. The only ones were mother and toddler groups where you chatted to others while your children played. This was great, but with a child who never slept, I often found it difficult to talk to others. I knew I needed to be out of the house, but I wanted to play with my daughter and ‘socialise’ without having to chat. Being amongst people could give me a boost, but sometimes, left me feeling flat. Singing always made me feel better and I used to sing my way through the day and night to entertain myself and my daughter. If I felt like this, then surely others did too. And so Piccolo was born.

We were one of the first ‘classes’ to set up in the area. Although we have never called Piccolo a class – it’s a session. I wanted to create that community feel but with children AND adults. I wanted to see my children smile and be the one making them. Singing in a big group can lift your spirits and you leave feeling uplifted and ready to face the day – your happy hormones are fired up. There has been many a day when I have arrived at work with the world on my shoulders and within minutes of singing all those worries just roll away. There is nothing I can do while at work, but sing and have fun with the adults and children around me.

Through Piccolo my confidence has grown and continues to grow each day and I have the privilege of seeing the confidence of mothers and fathers, child-minders and grandparents and the children themselves follow in my footsteps with the help of a good old sing-a-long.

Through our sessions I have seen children develop social and physical skills. They begin to interact with other children and begin to copy basic actions from our music leaders and their parents. The benefits of music are endless. I want to share my love and passion for this medium with you and your children and hope that you too will see the power music and singing can have. As after all, Singing Days are Happy Days.

Make your day a ‘Piccolo day’ 🙂